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The research proposal is to evaluate the association between certain iris signs and general pathology of studied patients.
Correlation between iridology and general pathology

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Demea S.

Spitalul Orasenesc Huedin, Judetul Cluj.

PURPOSE: The research proposal is to evaluate the association between certain iridological signs and general pathology of studied patients. METHOD: There were 57 hospitalized patients studied ; all of their iris images taken and were analyzed through iridological protocols; in the same time the pathology of these patients was noted from their records in the hospital, concordant with the clinical diagnosis; all these information were included in a database for a computerised processing. RESULTS: The correlations resulted from, shows a high connection between the iris constitution established through iridological criteria and the existent pathology. CONCLUSIONS: Iris examination can be very useful for diagnosis of a certain general pathology in a holistic approach of the patient.

PMID: 12723182 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


PubMed Abstract: Diagnostic possibilities of iridodiagnostics in general clinical practice
[Diagnostic possibilities of iridodiagnostics in general clinical practice]

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Zaikova MV, Krasnoperova MA, Shkliaev EK, Edlinskii IB, Liiaskin MI.

The state of the iris has been studied in 817 persons, of them in 150 workers in the oil-industry.  Iridodiagnostics were performed in one and the same person using two methods: with the help of a slit lamp "SL-56" and a magnifying glass. For topic diagnostics, a scheme of projection zones of the iris was used, proposed by Vida and Deck. The results obtained were compared with clinical diagnosis made in the out- or in-patient's departments by internist, gynaecologist or other specialists. In 80.1% of the subjects a pathologic sign situated in the corresponding zone of the iris has almost precisely indicated the affected organ. Among the whole number of subjects in 37% of persons the revealed pathologic signs of the iris have indicated the physicians to the organ where the disease had not been earlier diagnosed.

PMID: 2733970 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Aju University Study

Accepted Clinical results by Korean Government from Test Results at Aju University - 1997

Bexel IRINA, iris diagnosis device developed by Suttong, achieved a revolutionary improvement in objectivity as well as accuracy with a computerized system based on many clinical studies. An automatic analysis allows an easy access to users with moderate training.  These features are expected to make a great contribution to the development of Iridology.

STC Clinical Study

Dispensary examinations of groups of individuals are always done with the purpose to reveal the latent pathology early within the pre-clinical stage.

It is known that in some cases the signs in the iris occur long before the first clinical manifestations of the disease.

According to previous clinical studies performed by the Suttong Technical Corporation (STC) in Korea several important outcomes now exist.

Golden Standards: the Suttong Clinical Iridological Project

These studies were conducted at Aju University General Hospital located in Seoul, South Korea.

They ultimately succeeded to obtain an impressive government certification back in 1998. These were the outcomes:

1: Changes on the iris in the malignant pathology of the breast can be registered 3 to 5 years before the symptom complex really starts to occur.

2: In some types of lungs degeneration, as early as 2 to 3 years before symptoms appear, the iris changes.

3. In people at risk for cardio-spastic reactions, iris signs are evident 0.5 to 2 years before symptoms appear.

4. In children, the functional weakness of the pancreas, gall bladder, and the risk of broncho-spastic reactions are well verified in the iris.

Moreover, a 10-year master prospective study was held in Korea complete with these outcomes:

All children and teenagers detected via the iris examination as belonging to the risk groups, systematically underwent preventive measures (diet, special gymnastics etc.)

They showed a significant percentage of decrease in manifestation of their genetic pathology when compared with the control data.

5. The study revealed the opportunity to analyze the state of an organism from the rare viewpoint of its integrity.

6. The study greatly promoted such features as completeness and reliability of the iris diagnosis.

As Joseph Deck himself once stated, irido-diagnostics are not limited by the thick clinical frameworks of one organ, but makes room for finding all the places of lowest resistance in the organism.

7. By revealing primary vs. secondary changes in the body, iridological examination is actively searching for the main primary component that violates the process of vital activity, and not for the secondary actors in the pathological process.

The Suttong Clinical Study Data

Table 2: Post-test Credibility of Iridology Clinical Study (%) obtained by applying the test to a number of 546 patients © 1997 Suttong Technical Corporation Clinical Study Results.

1) Credibility after Conducting the test to the number of 546 Patients(%)

Iris Change Level

Digestive Organ



Hepatocystic Disease


Heart failure, Heart Risk Level

Congenital Kidney defect, Nepharophelitis

Acute Inflammation





























2) Clinical Test Results at Aju University

Sensitivity Specificity Negative Predictive Value Positive Predictive Value
Accuracy, Reproducibility, Predictive Values (CT degenerative VS Non) 87.5% 87.5% 77.8% 93.3%
Accuracy, Reproducibility, Predictive Values (degenerative vs non-degenerative) 71.4% 94.1% 83.3% 88.9%
Accuracy, Reproducibility, Predictive Values (Normal vs Dis-eased) 100.0% 87.5% 94.1% 100.0%

3) The Accepted Clinical results by Korean Government


Digestive System


Endocrine System


Muscle/Skeletal System


Nervous System


Urogenital System


Cardiovascular System


Circulatory System


Immune System




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