Clear Path Health is a multi-dimensional holistic health resource.  Among our offerings are life coaching and health counseling, wholesale product distribution and referral services for facilities and practitioners. We envision a full service, complementary and alternative medicine facility with products, services and health analyses. 

Clear Path Health is currently working in conjunction with the Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute, researchers and providers to further develop the Reflexive Neuro Optic technology worldwide. Practiced in the correct manner, RNO analysis has enormous potential in the realm of helping people overcome illness and, perhaps more importantly, preventing illness with more power and ease.


About the Founder

Jonathan Meyerhoff first became interested in iridology twelve years ago when only in his late twenties his health was very poor.  Intense energy swings, poor digestion and achy joints forced him to look into how he could change his health for himself.  Using superfoods, probiotics, enzymes, chiropractic care, cleansing programs and lifestyle adjustments, Jonathan was able to dramatically improve his health.

And there was a surprise: when his eyes changed from brown to green, iridology became his focus.

Over the last ten years Jonathan has been studying iridology and nutrition and was certified in 2003 through Westbrook University.  He is furthering his studies at the Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute.

As well as being a co-founder and President of the Clear Path Heatlh company, Jonathan currently has an iridology and nutritional consultation practice in Ithaca, NY where he lives with his wife Jai Hari and four children.

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