Reflexive Neuro-Optic Analysis
or The Total Wellness Report

Your Choice...

The RNO Analysis

You or a trained assistant will take photos of your client's eyes.  Photos are forwarded
by computer to Clear Path and a trained iridologist processes the photos through the RNO software.  The analysis is then sent back to you to present to your client and for you to make recommendations based on the analysis.


The Total Wellness Report -

The Total Wellness Report includes the RNO analysis, plus;
1-Complete assessment of your clients diet, lifestyle habits and health condition via a wellness survey, with recognition of positive and negative patterns.
2-Analysis and itemized list of possible nutritional (mineral & vitamin) deficiencies.
3-Solid, easy to follow holistic methods supporting inherent weaknesses and challenges.  We recommend products you already carry or products Clear Path has available.         
5- *A half hour live phone consultation with a certified iridologist to review analysis and report, plus a half hour follow up two weeks later to check in.

*You choose whether CPH has contact with your clients or not.


Clear Path Coaching

Help your clients stick to their dietary and lifestyle changes you recommend by utilizing Clear Path Coaching Services.  We have trained Life Coaches available that will connect with your clients by phone once per week to encourage and support their commitment to change.  Our Life Coaches work closely with you to  inform you of their progress or concerns.  No matter what service your client utilizes through Clear Path Health, your practice profits.

Products....Coming Soon

Clear Path Health is currently developing alliances with manufacturers of various products including nutritionals/superfoods, rebounders, slant boards, personal development books, Cds and DVDs etc.  We plan on providing a comprehensive selection of the highest quality products and services in the health field today.  Keep in touch so you will know when we are ready to make this resource available.

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