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Clear Path Health is committed to creating a healthier world by educating people about their predisposed genetic constitutions and how to best support those constitutions.

When your clients ask...

  •  What weaknesses or strengths have I inherited from my ancestors?
  •  What health issues await me and what can I do to prevent them?
  •  What can I do to have more energy & joy?


       Your Window to Health & Restoration

When you ask yourself...

  •  How can I better serve my patients?
  •  How can I be a better lifestyle and nutritional counselor when I  don't have any extra time?
  •  How can I increase my client base?
  •  How can increase revenue when I don't have any more time?


       Your Window to Health & Restoration

What is it?

“Know Thyself” inside and out...

In a non-invasive examination your client will discover her hidden strengths and weaknesses,
constitutional vigor, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and the status of her major bodily systems.

What Is Iridology?

Iridology, a health analysis based on the eye, has been studied and refined for over 150 years. 
Like a fingerprint, your iris is unique in all the world.  According to current theory, the iris serves
as a map of the body and gives warning signs of physical and emotional challenges.  The iris is
your patient’s wellness signature.

Beyond Iridology.
Along with decades of combined study of iridology and nutrition, we utilize Reflexive Neuro-Optic
software (RNOS) developed by Russian and Korean doctors.  It is used in both countries to confirm
health issues in hospital patients.  In a study with 600 patients (Kim, 1997), the RNOS proved to be
90.2% accurate in identifying digestive issues and 75% accurate in identifying other common health issues. 
This software not only analyzes the iris (colored protion of the eye), it also analyzes the pupil.

What people are saying about
the Total Wellness Report

“ ...It has helped me confirm health issues that I currently have, and has also given me some concrete ways to address them.  I'm so glad to have specific protocols and methods to follow now.”
        ~M. Webster  MA

“The report truly uncovered the core health issues I have been dealing with and confirmed what other health practitioners were trying to get at.  I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for health solutions or just wanting to learn more about their inherited weaknesses and strengths.”  
        ~S. Mc Evens   VT 

What you get when your client orders the
Total Wellness Report:


The RNO Analysis
You or a trained assistant will take photos of your clients eyes.  Photos are forwarded
to Clear Path and a trained iridologist processes the photos through the RNO software. 
The analysis is then forwarded back to you to present to your client and for you to make
recommendations based on the analysis.

or -
The Total Wellness Report -
The Total Wellness Report includes the RNO analysis, plus;
1-Complete assessment of your clients diet, lifestyle habits and health condition via a
wellness survey and RNO analysis, with recognition of positive and negative patterns.

2-Analysis and itemized list of possible nutritional (mineral & vitamin) deficiencies.
3-Solid, easy to follow holistic methods supporting inherent weaknesses and challenges. 
We recommend products you already carry or products Clear Path Health has available.       

5- *A half hour live phone consultation with a certified iridologist to review analysis and report,
plus a half hour follow up two weeks later to check in.

*You choose whether CPH has contact with your clients or not.

Email us at
info@clearpathhealth.com to order an Informational DVD on how to integrate the RNO analysis or Total Wellness Report in to your practice  or call us Today at 866-490-6676

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